Alpaca Fiber Filled Bird Nesting Globe

4" vine bird nesting globes are stuffed with all natural dye-free alpaca fiber.  The birds will love to find the globes filled with the perfect liner to their nests.  The alpaca fiber helps to provide a soft bedding for the eggs and chicks.  The warm alpaca fiber provides insulation to help regulate the body temperature of the chicks.  Simply hang from a tree and the birds will start lining their nests with the alpaca fiber.


Makes the perfect gift for bird lovers, office exchanges, house warmings, and holiday exchanges.  The nesting globe can even double as a tree ornament.


Comes in two different sizes: 4” and 6”

Comes in two different styles: fiber filling the inside of the sphere or fiber filling the inside and surrounding the outside of the sphere


Comes in multiple sizes


Alpaca Fiber Filled Bird Nesting Globe - Stuffed and surrounded with Fleece