Bell Sheep: Felted Alpaca Sculpture. 


Dedicated to the artist Andrew Wyeth, for his love of farm animals


Each figure seeks to capture the true essence its species with special attention to shape, markings, and color


Each sculpture seeks to capture the true essence of its species with special attention to shape, markings, and color. Our expert needle felters have years of expertise in this craft, and continue to create each with artistic pride. Due to the hand crafting process, each piece is unique with slight variations.


What Is Alpaca Fiber? 


Considered once a gift from the gods and the most important relic of the history of the Incas.

These animals are known as camelids since they are similar to camels, and alpacas are native to South America.


There are two breeds of this four-legged animal: the Huacaya alpaca and the Suri alpaca.


The types of fiber derived from each of these types of alpacas are equally prized for different reasons, fiber derived from alpacas can be either heavy or light depending on how it is spun, which means that it is ideal for a number of different kinds of garments.


Compared to sheep wool, alpaca wool is considerably softer, and it is also more durable.


About needle felting? 


Needle felting is a dry felting method using either wool or alpaca as we do.  It is quick and easy, and inexpensive, requiring very few tools and taking up very little space.


  • Made using alpaca fiber
  • Artistically handcrafted by Grupo de Madres
  • Fair Trade from Peru
  • Finished with a loop for hanging

Bell Sheep: Felted Alpaca Sculpture