Our holiday collection tries to capture the fun and beauty of every holiday using our favorite natural fiber. They are made entirely by hand, and look great. 


Baby Chick - Absolutely adorable


Fluffy bunny - so cudly


Handmade baby bunny outfit - perfect for Easter!


Chick Felted Alpaca Sculpture and all her friends are carefully created by expert needle felters in Arequipa, Peru. Each animal seeks to capture the true essence its species with special attention to shape, markings, and color.


Folk Rabbit: Alpaca Fiber Sculpture is a fantasy depiction of a fun folk style bunny, as she nibbles and hops around the grassy fields. She is made entirely by hand, and proudly stands a few inches tall. She comes in pearl white with colorful attire especially popular for Spring time.  Due to the hand crafting process, each piece is unique with slight variations. Faces are sewn and created with love. 


Each piece is an original with slight variations due to the hand crafting pocess.

Felted Easter Themed Items