What is a Hand Knit Alpaca Finger Puppets?


Hand Knit Alpaca Finger Puppets. These are wonderful little puppets that are carefully knit by hand. Our knitters, in the highlands of Peru, work to make each and every single finger puppet special. What sets ours apart is that they are made from alpaca yarn rather than cheap acrylic. We’re proud of our artistically made alpaca finger puppets. 


What Is Alpaca Fiber? 


Alpaca was once considered a gift from the gods and the most important relic of the history of the Incas. Alpacas are camelids since they share genetic material with camels. However, they are one of the four native species native species to South America.


There are two distinct breeds of these four-legged animals: the Huacaya alpaca and the Suri alpaca. The types of fiber derived from each of these types of alpacas are equally prized for different reasons. Fiber derived from alpacas can be either heavy or light depending on how it is spun, which means that it is ideal for a number of different kinds of products. Compared to sheep’s wool, alpaca fiber is considerably softer, and it is also more durable.



  • Made using certified alpaca fiber
  • We pay special attention to each piece
  • Artistically handcrafted by Grupo de Madres
  • Realistic needle felted soft sculpture
  • Fair Trade from Peru

Hand Knit Alpaca Finger Puppets