About Berkli

At the age of 13, I am passionate about two things: competitive swimming and running. But beyond my athletic pursuits, I've embarked on a journey that blends my love for health and sustainability. For years, I've been juicing as a part of my own wellness routine.

However, it wasn't until I observed my mom selling soda at our family farm that I realized there was a misalignment with our values.

I couldn't reconcile the idea of promoting sugary, artificial beverages when I knew the benefits of fresh, natural juices.

That's when the seed of an idea was planted, and together, we set out to create something that reflected our beliefs.

This is when Freshness in a Bottle was born. Our mission is simple: to provide wholesome, pure juices that nourish the body and respect the environment.

We stand firm in our commitment to transparency and quality, which is why our juices are always 100% natural – no fillers, no additives, just the goodness of organic, locally-sourced produce.

We've chosen to package our juices in eco friendly glass bottles, minimizing our environmental footprint and ensuring that every sip contributes to a greener future.

We actively support small farms in our community, fostering a network of growers who share our values of ethical farming practices.

Freshness in a Bottle isn't just a business; it's a reflection of our values. With every bottle we produce, we're not just quenching thirst – we're nourishing bodies, supporting local economies, and championing a healthier, more sustainable way of living.