Hey you–welcome to our hive!

At Soaring Bee Apiary, our mission is to share the liquid gold that bees produce with you. It's no secret that bees are the master pollinators and quite literally our life savers.

They are the heartbeat of biodiversity and we all depend on them for our survival. But, what exactly is an “apiary”? It’s actually very simple. An apiary is a place where beehives are safely kept.

As environmental activists, we know that we need bees. In past years, the bee population has been threatened due to various reasons. In a mission to save the bees, awareness of supporting the bee population has grown.

You can help


  • Plant  flowers bees get to buzzin’ for: like marigolds or sunflowers 
  • Sweeten the deal and buy honey and other hive products from beekeepers
  • Raise awareness among children and adolescents on the importance of bees
  • Use pesticides that are bee-friendly 
  • Support beekeepers

Our apiary has allowed us to continue our commitment to sustainability and protecting our bees.In addition to honey, our busy bees have allowed us to provide you with other amazing products– like beeswax candles and beeswax wraps. Start your bee saving journey with us and let’s soar high to reach sustainability together. At Soaring Bee Apiary- every drop of honey has a story and every bee is part of the journey!