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Paracas City/Life Socks

Paracas City/Life Socks

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City & Lifestyle / Timeless Essential /Unisex Lightweight

Our lightweight blend of Baby Alpaca, Merino and Bamboo offers great comfort in every season. The luxurious softness and balanced thermal insulation of these socks provides warmth and dryness all day long, as dress socks in the city or as soft liners for the outdoors.

1. Lightweight blend of natural fibers, provides comfortable protection keeping your feet warm and dry.
2. Nylon/Spandex inner mesh to improve stretch and durability.
3. Gentle elastic band Alpaca for thermal Management / Merino for Resilience & Durability / Bamboo for Freshness & Odour control.

Composition: 50% Baby Alpaca 20% Merino Wool 10% Bamboo 11% Nylon 6% Elastic 3% Spandex

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