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Eagle Eye Farm Felted Soap

Eagle Eye Farm Felted Soap

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Felted or Unfelted

Beautiful local bar using sheep's milk and alpaca fleece in every bar. We sourced local hempssed and sunflower oil.

 Palm and cocunut free!

 Long-lasting bar that is great for sensitive skin.

 Comes either unfelted or felted in alpaca fleece from our farm.


- Eucalyptus

- Mint

- Lemongrass

- Wild Orange

- Lavender

- Milk and Honey



If using the felted bar: use until soap is all gone and then use the felted piece a s acrubby or scent with essital oil for use in a drawer.


Handmade by Seventh Sojourn Practical Alchemy in River Falls, Wisconsin.

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